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Istanbul Escort On our site you can see my photos and photos of my friends. and make choices about your taste.

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Quiet summer evening. It is very nice way to walk down the empty street, knowing that your beloved man is
waiting for you at home. So I was going home when I heard that the car stopped behind me. I turned and saw a
black jeep. It made me start to worry.

Almost immediately, I heard the sound of opening and closing doors, and it was absolutely terrible. I tried to
accelerate the pace, but I was wearing high heels and it was difficult. My husband used to say that in those heels,
I looked like an escort model, but I liked them. “Beauty, wait, do not rush!” – sounded from behind, and behind it
there was a loud laugh.

I frantically looked around, but nobody was there. I heard the sound of footsteps behind, and the next
moment strong arms lifted me up and threw me over the man’s shoulder.

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One day, my friend, being on a vacation trip, called me asking to go to his house and find out
why his wife did not answer phone calls.

I got dressed and went. At the entrance, I was calm. Then, I rang the doorbell.

Finally, the door opened, and Anna, the wife of a friend, let me into the apartment. She had a sleepy face,
it was clear that she was asleep, and did not open for so long because of that. We walked into the room.
Near the couch, there was a coffee table, on which there were two bottles of brandy, and one is already empty.
On the plate lay the fruits, and on a small platter sliced lemon, plus an open bar of chocolate. I noticed that
the glass was only one. So, she was drinking alone.

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